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Today is the anniversary of the ADA and I’ve seen so many posts celebrating the progress society has made. I don’t disagree, and I do appreciate everything this civil right law has done. But today of all days, I cannot celebrate accessibility in the… Continue Reading “Accessibility”

The Specialist

As you guys know, after a long process I had finally gotten into see the dysautonomia specialist at Vanderbilt. I was so frickin excited to meet with someone who understood this illness and worked with it daily! While the first visit went ok, there… Continue Reading “The Specialist”

The Break Up

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything. Honestly, It’s been a rough couple of months. In June, my doctor dumped me. She had been my primary care physician for years. And although she wasn’t the one to diagnosis me, she led me to… Continue Reading “The Break Up”

The Not Really an Update Update

My life has pretty much been completely taken over by health challenges since June, which if you follow my blog you know. But for months now, there had been a light at the end of the tunnel… an appointment at Vanderbilt, THE place to… Continue Reading “The Not Really an Update Update”

Disney with Dysautonomia

I’m fairly new to my diagnosis of hyper POTS and HSD, so the prospect of a Disney trip was almost as worrisome as it was exciting. Disney is know for its long wait times, and for a POTS patients standing for even a minute… Continue Reading “Disney with Dysautonomia”

The Second Diagnosis

My last blog was months ago, about being diagnosed with hyperadrenergic POTS in June. Since then my life has been full of doctors and mainly centered around my health. I was briefly on bed rest, due to an incredibly high resting heart rate and… Continue Reading “The Second Diagnosis”

The Diagnosis

June 22, 2018. That day will always be an defining one for me. On that day, I was diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, or POTS for short. For years I have experienced tremors, anxiety, rapid heart beat, lightheadedness, and extreme exhaustion. While none… Continue Reading “The Diagnosis”